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#ifndef __ldapdns_h
#define __ldapdns_h

#include <lber.h>
#include <ldap.h>
#include <netdb.h>

#include <pthread.h>

#include <sys/time.h>
#include <time.h>

#include "list.h"
#include "str.h"
#include "bin.h"
#include "ht.h"

#include "ip.h"

typedef struct dns_ctx_s dns_ctx;
typedef struct ldap_ctx_s ldap_ctx;

00023 struct ldap_ctx_s {
      int n;
      int   protocol_version; /* 2 or 3 */
      pthread_t id;
      LDAP  *ldap_con;

      int load;
      pthread_mutex_t load_lock;

      pthread_mutex_t lock;

      volatile int message_wait;
      volatile int message_sent;
      pthread_cond_t active;

00039 struct dns_ctx_s {
      int         n;
      ldap_ctx    *c;   /* current handler */

      int         phase;
      time_t            lastt;
/* here are the following phases
#define PHASE_IDLE            0
#define PHASE_ZONESEARCH      1
#define PHASE_ATTRSEARCH      2
#define PHASE_AXFRFIRST       3
#define PHASE_AXFRSEARCH      4
#define PHASE_NSUPDATE        5
      /* set if we're a subrequest */
      int         subreq;
      int         subreq_valid;
      list_t            subreq_tries;
      list_t            subreq_done;
      char        *subreq_in;
      char        *subreq_in_alloc;
      char        *subreq_in_zone;
      int         answers;
      int         soahack;

      /* protocol */
      char        dns_message_id[2];
      int         protnum;
#define PROT_DNS        0
#define PROT_NETBIOS          1

      /* locking constraint */
      pthread_mutex_t lock;

      /* where the request comes from */
      int         sock;
      unsigned char           ip[IP_LEN];
      int         port;

      /* reassembled from TCP */
      unsigned short    tcplen, tcppos;

      /* original request name */
      char        *request_name_zone;
      char        *request_name_alloc;
      char        *request_name;
      char        *request_attr;
      char        request_record[2];

      /* maximum size of udp request; we don't support big tcp reqs either */
      char        request_buf[513];
      int         request_len;
      int         request_pos;

      /* in message-waiting block */
      int         message_id;
      LDAPMessage *message;
      //LDAPMessage     *message_entry;

      /* static for the connection */
      int         wantdie;
      list_t            NS;
      unsigned long     serial, refresh, retry, expire, minimum;
      unsigned long     ttl;

      /* used per-round */
      list_t            DNSRecord;
      list_t            A,CNAME,ADM,MX,SRV,TXT,PTR,Generic;
      int         adlen;
      char        *search_base;

      /* helper for restarting phase-2 queries */
      int         attr_wild;

      /* update helper */
      char        *update;
      list_t            sec_prereq;
      list_t            sec_update;

      /* used in zone transfers */
      char        *axfr_base;
      int         axfr;
      list_t            ns;
      int         still_using_message;

      list_t saved_NS;
      unsigned long saved_soa[6];
      int saved_wantdie;
      int saved_adlen;

      /* and response */
      bin_t       response;
      int         response_tc;
      int         response_dpos;
      ht          response_names;
      int         response_ls;

      /* this is the switch mechanism */
      char        *swm;

      /* this implements a doubly-linked list */
      dns_ctx     *next, *prev;

extern dns_ctx *handler;

void inline ldapdns_list_unique(list_t *p);

#define name_to_dns(a,b) name_to_dns_fix(a,b,0)
void name_to_dns_fix(str_t retbuf, char *name, int splithow);
void dns_to_name(str_t retbuf, char *dns, int joinhow);

void name_to_ldap(str_t retbuf, char *name);
void ldap_to_name(str_t retbuf, char *dn);

void join_name_parts(str_t retbuf, list_t p);
void join_dns_parts(str_t retbuf, list_t p);
list_t ldap_into_parts(char *dn);
static void inline join_ldap_parts(str_t retbuf, list_t p)
      str_t tmp;

      join_name_parts(tmp, p);
      name_to_ldap(retbuf, str(tmp));

list_t split_name_parts(char *name);
list_t split_dns_parts(char *dns);
static list_t inline split_ldap_parts(char *dn) {
      str_t tmp;
      list_t p;

      ldap_to_name(tmp, dn);
      p = split_name_parts(str(tmp));

      return p;

int response_query(dns_ctx *, char *dnsenc, char rr[2], char cc[2]);
int response_notify(dns_ctx *, char *dnsenc, char rr[2], char cc[2]);
int response_rstart(dns_ctx *, char *dnsenc, char rr[2], unsigned int ttl);

int response_addname(dns_ctx *, char *dnsenc);
int response_addbytes(dns_ctx *, unsigned char *, int);

int response_addulong(dns_ctx *, unsigned long);
int response_addushort(dns_ctx *, unsigned short);
int response_addnameptr(dns_ctx *c, unsigned int u);

void response_id(dns_ctx *, const char id[2]);
void response_tc(dns_ctx *);
void response_aa(dns_ctx *, int setting);
void response_rcode(dns_ctx *, int code);
void response_nxdomain(dns_ctx *);
void response_servfail(dns_ctx *);
void response_refuse(dns_ctx *);

void response_axfr(dns_ctx *c);
int response_axstart(dns_ctx *c, int soa, char *q, char qt[2], char qc[2], unsigned int ttl);
void response_axfinish(dns_ctx *c);

int response_rfinish(dns_ctx *, int section);

unsigned int dns_packet_copy(dns_ctx *c, char *out,unsigned int outlen);
unsigned int dns_packet_skipname(dns_ctx *c);
unsigned int dns_packet_getname(dns_ctx *c, char **d);
unsigned int dns_domain_length(const char *dn);
int dns_domain_copy(char **out,char *in);
void dns_domain_lower(char *q);

int inline ldap_load_dns_attributes(dns_ctx *c, char **dn, int zonef);

/* user-level */
void tp_initialize(void);
void inline tp_housekeeping(long *);
int inline tp_write(dns_ctx *c);
int inline tp_read(dns_ctx *c);
void tp_close(dns_ctx *c);


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