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Public Attributes

dns_ctx_s Struct Reference

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List of all members.

Public Attributes

list_t A
int adlen
list_t ADM
int answers
int attr_wild
int axfr
char * axfr_base
list_t CNAME
char dns_message_id [2]
list_t DNSRecord
unsigned long expire
list_t Generic
unsigned char ip [IP_LEN]
time_t lastt
pthread_mutex_t lock
LDAPMessage * message
int message_id
unsigned long minimum
list_t MX
int n
list_t NS
list_t ns
int phase
int port
int protnum
list_t PTR
unsigned long refresh
char * request_attr
char request_buf [513]
int request_len
char * request_name
char * request_name_alloc
char * request_name_zone
int request_pos
char request_record [2]
bin_t response
int response_dpos
int response_ls
ht response_names
int response_tc
unsigned long retry
int saved_adlen
list_t saved_NS
unsigned long saved_soa [6]
int saved_wantdie
char * search_base
list_t sec_prereq
list_t sec_update
unsigned long serial
int soahack
int sock
list_t SRV
int still_using_message
int subreq
list_t subreq_done
char * subreq_in
char * subreq_in_alloc
char * subreq_in_zone
list_t subreq_tries
int subreq_valid
char * swm
unsigned short tcplen
unsigned short tcppos
unsigned long ttl
list_t TXT
char * update
int wantdie

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file ldapdns.h.

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