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#ifndef __config_h
#define __config_h

/* compile options */
/* HAVE_SYSLOG          compile with syslog() support */
/* HAVE_SETSID          only useful for supervise mode: sets session ID */
/* HAVE_POLL            use poll() instead of select() */
/* HAVE_WAITPID         use waitpid() instead of wait() */
/* HAVE_WAIT4           use wait4() instead of wait() */
/* HAVE_SEMAPHORE use pthread semaphore instead of our own */

#include "list.h"
#include "ht.h"

struct config_s {
      int handlers;
      int ldap_threads;
      int dns_threads;
      list_t hosts;
      int one2one_mode;

      int accelerate_cache;
      int relative_names;
      int netbios;

      /* the hardcoded $HOSTMASTER environment variable */
      char *hostmaster;

      /* our own nameservers; normally we use nsRecord attribute,
       * but sometimes, we might want to use this instead...
      char *self_ns;
      list_t peer_ns;

      char *axfr_base;
      char *notify;
      char *update;

      int auth_mode;
#define AUTH_MODE_ANONYMOUS   0x00
#define AUTH_MODE_SIMPLE      0x01
#define AUTH_MODE_SASL        0x02

      char *ldap_name;
      char *ldap_cred;

      char *ldap_suffix;

      int dn_mode;
#define DN_MODE_COSINE        0x00
#define DN_MODE_RFC1279       0x01
#define DN_MODE_MSDNS         0x02
#define DN_MODE_LDAPDNS       0x03

      int always_hangup;
      long timeout_tcp;

/* switches; row is 8bytes + asciiz string */
      list_t      swm;
/* axfr switch; same format, but string is AXFR field */
      list_t      swaxfr;
/* search switch */
      ht    search;

#define SCHEDULE_A_NONE       0
#define SCHEDULE_A_RANDOM     1
      int schedule_arecord;

/* verious performance tuners */
      int no_additionals;
      int no_additionals_ns;

typedef struct config_s config_t;
extern config_t ldapdns;


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